Kaden Phromer

An invisible explosives expert, with a bit of a drinking problem.


Pre-Carmen City:

Kaden thought that she was normal before her life went to hell. She has since been proven incredibly wrong. Her mother, Caroline, had apparently been a freedom fighter during the Mutant War, fighting for equality for both mutants and humans. She had thought that her father was Jeffrey Phromer, a construction worker who helped to build Carmen City over San Diego. Apparently Caroline had actually been knocking boots with Gabriel, aka Temperance, the leader of the side that eventually won.

But growing up, all she knew was that Dad was a construction worker, Mom was the stay-at-home kind, and she loved her big brother: Derek. Things went fine until Derek joined the Arrowsmith Gang. Kaden followed him one day to try to get him to return home and forget the gang stuff, when he was shot in a drive-by by the Broken Butterflies, the biggest gang in the city.

Kaden’s powers manifested at the funeral, in her grief. She had the ability to walk through walls and to become invisible. She spent years training, studying, fighting, but eventually she was able to become a full-fledged hero and start wrecking the gangs that had destroyed her family.

Carmen City Conflicts

Now with 16 years of secretly fighting gangs under her belt, Fade was recruited to Skyler’s Task Force to help take down One-Mind as he re-emerged. Feeling a little out of place working for something much bigger than she was used to, and on a team no-less, Fade initially balked at the idea, then with a little scotch in her system, started to feel a little more comfortable, and she got some sweet digs.

Fade formed an immediate friendship with Frank, the resident telepath, and the two used their powers for the more stealth-oriented missions, as well as helping to influence certain high-ranking government officials to give her a contract to be their new producer of Flash-Bang grenades. Fade quickly came to think of Frank as he best friend, with Frank to her filling the surrogate brother slot.

Fade had issues with Jove from day one. His lackadaisical attitude and aloofness did not sit well, especially in a team environment. While Fade started to become the de-facto leader of the group, Jove repeatedly tried to usurp that position whenever he felt that he was in the right, or that he had better ideas (which was often, and drove her deeper into her alcoholism).

Zevi, while not exactly a friend, was a well-respected member to the team, and had probably the least-shakeable moral standing Fade has ever seen. She was also an incredible fighter, and necessarily resilient as well.

She never knew what to make of Bertok, he seemed… too strange to possibly be real, but the results were fantastic enough, and a respect formed for him.

Fade never liked Black Mercury. Cold, merciless, murderous, crazy. All of those things, and a nagging sensation in the back of her mind all said that there was more to her than what she wanted to be around. But the feeling of dread never really left her, even when Black Mercury would disappear for a while. It was only later, when faced with the reality of what she had become that she knew why Black Mercury unsettled her so much: she was seeing her future in her, and it scared her.

The pressures of leading the team became too much for her, and she let the alcohol go too much to her head. She mis-judged the amount of explosives needed for a mission, and when one of their adversaries blew the whole lot, including all of her flash-bang grenades while still on her person, it was only the intervention of her true father’s protection that she lived through the blast, and only because of Maximillian Liege that she was able to get back into the fight.

Team Angst

While not appearing properly in the Team Angst story, Fade did have her own story work out behind the scenes. It was during the 15 year period between Carmen City and Team Angst that Fade finally broke, becoming an assassin under control of the Black Hand, using the new alias ‘Haunt.’ Starting because she wanted to protect her former girlfriend from becoming an assassin as well due to her multiple personalities, Haunt came to secretly enjoy part of what she was doing, and spiraled into a dark place. Finally at the end of her rope, Haunt started to fight back. She stopped taking assassination missions for the Black Hand, and instead started to kill their members. Unfortunately, that meant that Heather, the woman she had been trying to protect the whole time, was now an assassin herself, consumed by her alternate persona: Black Angel.

She did stop by to check in on her friends now and again, secretly. And had joined AA. It was at one of her meetings that she ran into Svetlana, a student at Liege’s School, and followed her back to see what going on. She veered off that path slightly to take down Obfuscate, a Shadow-mutant who was putting some serious hurt on a group of students, and then left, knowing that she had given too much of herself away to her more moral former teammates.

Red Tide

Following the events of Team Angst, Fade was called in by Liege, to whom she owed everything, and was put on the payroll as the newest Archangel while Randall Clyde was placed in Washington. It was from this position that she was re-united with Zevi and Jove, and officially met some of the students from the School. During this time, she also took i upon herself to track and remove all of the clones of her that had been created during the Team Angst period.

She was at one point deployed in China, where she found herself assassinating Chinese officers and Mutants that predated the Red Tide. Her last mission was to assassinate Yamei, who, unknown to most, was Torrent (aka Meiling)‘s grandmother. Unable to complete her mission due to the nature of Yamei’s powers (that is, she only existed in certain planes at a given time), Fade returned home to Patriot to help in the final stand against the Red Tide.

She currently views herself as little more than a mercenary, her last shred of self-respect gone. Maybe she’ll redeem herself in Ides of March.

Oklahoma City

Following the Events of Red Tide, believing her former allies still hated her, Fade fell off the map, and spent her first year of this self-imposed exile finishing her task of destroying all of the clones of her that had been created. Many of these clones had, upon discovering the lethal potential of the power they possessed, become thieves, rapists, and mercenaries due to their limited knowledge of the world and morality in general. She tracked the last two of her clones to a vacation home, where they had been hiding, presumably from her. Upon discovering that one of the clones had started calling himself Derek, Fade found herself enraged and killed him, but not before he managed to use his inherited powers to burn his handprint into her face in an effort to save himself. Following this atrocity, Kaden finally came to her senses and realized just what horrors she was doing. Leaving her remaining clone alive and unharmed, Kaden fled back into the shadowy life she had built for herself.

It was at this time that she started actively trying to right some of the wrongs she had committed, and began searching missing person’s reports, returning kidnapped and missing people to their homes. During this change to saving people, Kaden began to notice that some records of missing persons were being removed from government records, along with all traces of them. Fearing a conspiracy, she began to search for the source of these deletions. She made contact with Abigail Skylar, now the Prime Minister of California, and offered a deal: information for her, and a place for Heather in Ravenhearst Asylum, permanently. Abigail agreed. At the same time, Kaden contacted President Max Liege and offered him a similar deal: information in exchange for erasing Kaden and Heather from government records, and transport for them both to California. He agreed.

After capturing 2 soldiers involved with the conspiracy, Kaden captured Heather, now reverted to Black Angel, and was escorted to California by Carpenter.

Jason Jove however, was not to be out done, and used his connection with Abigail to turn over all care records of Heather from her family, to Fade’s mother Caroline, forcing Fade to contact her family in order to visit the woman she loved after almost 20 years of silence.

The reunion with her mother was tearful. But with Fade now firmly out of the ‘villain’ camp, most of the old crew has accepted her return, if not with open arms.

Kaden Phromer

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