Jason Jove

A belligerant anarchist who dwells on the fringe of society. Has an unlimited mastery over electricity. Not a team player.


Pre Carmen History

Born to a Vigilante named Wild Card. The second of five children, all of the Jove’s manifested power level far beyond their father, a petty hedge wizard with delusions of grandeur. Jason is able to generate, manipulate, consume and transmute himself into electricity. He also possesses an advanced degree in electrical engineering, and a Bachelors degree in physics. His powers prevent him from interacting with computers, and make him uncomfortable around intense magnetic fields. He claims to be a hero but is plagued with doubts about his past, a chronic lack of personal commitment to long term efforts, and an overwhelming rage at authority.

The tragedies that haunt Jove began with the death of his father. Wild Card was killed when Brian Jove’s powers manifested for the first time. Brian went mad, able to alter reality at will, and crucified his father on the alter of a cathedral. Jason shot his brother repeatedly in the back of the head. One by one Jason’s siblings went insane, and had to be permanently institutionalized. Jove has since lost faith humanity, and when not in conflict with his siblings, Jove chooses to withdraw from humanity, and emerges only in crises, far to common in his home city. He’s developed an intense sense of right and wrong from his experiences, and secretly holds the social institutions accountable for not saving or helping the people he loved.

The Carmen City Conflicts

Jove was recruited for Skyler’s task force during the re-emergence of terrorist leader One Mind. Jove was initially resistant to the idea. He held mixed emotions or even those teammates he considered close, and his passion for the work waxed and waned as his time with the team ground on.

Jove considered Frank a friend, but was bothered both by Franks ethical standards and irresponsible use of his powers. While they were known for conflict, Frank’s ambivallence, and Jove’s general allofness led Frank to be one of Jove’s two legitimate friends on the Carmen team.

Fade and Jove entered into a fierce rivalry that occilated between simmering and boiling throughout the history of the team. Jove rarely respected Fade’s position, and the dichotomy in methods between the two only strained relations. Jove’s opinion of Fade was cemented when she abdicated her leadership role in the wake of her traumatic break down.

Zevi Tzila was the only team member that truly earned Jove’s respect. He even singled her out as the only paragon of heroism on the team in a brazen and offensive speech he delivered to the team in the wake of Frank’s death.

Black Mercury and Jove were at no point friends. Her constant violence and murder led the two of them to direct confrontation on multiple occasions. Jove also cringed internally, afraid that it her honest ambivallence and alloofness might cast light on his own hypocrisies.

Jove began his career in sharp opposition to Bertok, secretly envious of the robot’s gift for technology and ability to pursue the craft. As the battles ground on, however, he developed a deep appreciation for Russian, and after the event of Carmen, began to see him as a friend.

Team Angst

Jason Jove developed strangely over the intervening years between his first appearance and the foundation of the school. Over the course of fifteen years, Jove was not able to achieve a new level of understanding and insight, as well as helping his sister recover from protracted mental illness. Having fought in the Battle of Oklahoma City, Jove came to face off against an intensely personal conflict. He managed to gain a significant amount of insight not only about himself, but about the world around him.

When Randall Clyde approached him about the school they were founding, Jove unexpectedly consented, suggesting joining Zevi as a faculty member. Jove served as the Dean of Students, advocating student rights in the face of the oft imperious and rules intensive Clyde.

Red Tide and the Ides of March

Jove’s wrathful opposition to Maximilian Liege was legendary prior to the death of Liege. The resurrection of Liege was heralded by the Jove’s dark prophecy: “People don’t change.” Jove insisted that Liege had not reformed, and that he was merely waiting for an excuse to become the man he’d been before.

To Jove, the battle of Japan proved he was entirely correct in his estimations. Jove participated in the operations on the ground, coerced by Liege’s willful recruitment of one of his former students. When Liege turned the islands into a super weapon, Jove began his own preperations. Along with Zevi and Bertok, he organized a small army of meta-humans, including the clones One Mind bred of himself and Zevi during the Teen angst continuity. After the red tide moved past the city, Jove and Zevi crushed the resistance, and now wait to react to the fall out of the broken invasion force.

Jason Jove

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