Lucky Milligan

The luckiest man in the world


Milligan served as a member of Clyde’s Epostle’s during the war. Milligan is famous for the bizarre stroke of luck that seems to follow him into every endeavor. While it’s been suggested that this power is metahuman in origin, no one has ever been able to establish a link between him and magic, mutation, or any form of scientific accident associated with him.

Milligan enlisted in Sword Board during the events of Patriot City. Clyde had developed a fondness both for Milligan’s flexibility as a field agent and for his light hearted candor. Has since become a legend for actions in South America and the Canadian Wastes.

Milligan was later took a position as a proctor at Clyde’s school. Managed to maintain a friendship with Jason Jove, in addition to the East Coast faculty members. Frequently irritated students with his uncanny ability to catch them red handed.


Lucky Milligan

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