Maximillian Liege

Wealthy trillionaire playboy who tortures his enemies and political rivals in his basement.


Before Specter

Maximillian Liege had more money than god, and the will to spend it efficiently. When Max was a child, his wealthy, eccentric father found a magic lamp, that allowed him to wish for anything he wanted. Foolishly, his father wished for money, and the vicious djinn furnished the Liege family with cash transfers from the worlds criminal elements, accruing trillions of dollars, but easily traceable for the top asssassins, mobsters and drug cartels of the world. Mr. Liege Sr. died quickly and horribly, as did Max’s two older brothers. Max was more clever than the rest of his family, and managed to evde the murderers for weeks. A chance encounter with Randall Clyde gave Max an opportunity to grow proactive, and he began to take action against the strongest of the families beset agianst me. He returned funds to the weakest families, turning them against the attacking cartels and more established families, who were now weak form the financial drain. He hired on the most promising new talent, having the assassins killed in their homes. By the age of seventeen, Max Liege had a controlling interest in the worlds underground, more money than god, and a sharp taste of his own mortality.

A second wayward charge was taken in by Clyde later. Yasu Kanayama was an exiled ninja, on the run from her family and fearing death. Liege found a kindred spirit in Yasu, who’s capacity for vicious brutality, and uncompromising dedication to her cause.

Carmen City

Liege’s Degenerate villainy continued to escalate during the conflict over Patriot City. Liege had decided by that oint that the fatal flaw with metahumanity was in the disorganization that was inherent. In his eyes, what the world truly needed was an opportunity to enforce the will of the governing body on the masses of bullet proof, building toppling humans that had risen in their wake. Liege had begun to deploy Randall Clyde and the Epostles as a black bag task force againt high threat targets, but they lacked the overwhelming power necessary to complete the task in Liege’s estimation. Instead, Max began to architect a new force. This one would be composed both of loyalist, and easily sculptable, metahumans.

The first on the list was his long time friend and confidante Yasu. Next he sought to tap what he saw as an untapped resource in the Ravenhearst Institute. This put Liege in direct conflict with Jason Jove for the first time. While somewhat taken with Jove’s power, even able to overwhelm Liege’s mightiest asset, Gaia, in personal combat, Liege was unnerved by Jove’s rage and resistance to coercion.

The first gleam of hope in the creation of Liege’s Specters lay in the unexpected attack of one of Liege’s bank properties. A powerful metahuman named Tank tore through the walls of a bank, and a flock of metahumans decended to oppose him. With the shrewd application of wealth and greed, Liege began to lure them toward his purposes.

Liege began a personal crusade against the rogue scientist Morben. The two spent most of a year playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. Morben finally managed to unleash his super weapon on the city, turning the majority of its citizens into uncontrollable monsters. Liege managed to stem the slaughter and destruction, and to publicly humiliate his open enemy in the public forum.

Maximillian Liege

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