Randall Clyde

The Old Soldier


The Mutant Human War

Clyde was the consumate soldier in the mutant human war. He rose quickly through the ranks largely owing to a series of field promotions that were never reviewed. Clyde was hand picked early in the war to join an elite unit called the Archangels. After initial success the Archangels began to suffer as anti-human forces adapted to their equipment and tactics. Clyde proposed and organised an elite unit within the umbrella of the Archangels. His new squad, the Epostles, would remain undefeated throughout the course of the war.

In the course of duty, Clyde was deployed to recover a mutant who was deemed a high priority target by command. Clyde fought through a Blackhand fortification. The mission was a success, but Clyde and several other apostles were infected by Anteria as a direct result.

Pre-Patriot City

The death toll of the war weighed heavily on Clyde, and his prognosis suggested that he’d be living wiht his ghosts for a long time to come. Clyde encountered Max Liege, mostly by chance, and found an opportunity to atone. He protected young Max, and later Yasu, from what Clyde termed “lesser killers.” In Max’s estimation, there may not be anyone on earth who kills as efficiently as Clyde.

As his young charges grew, Clyde was at first startled to see the brutality they both showed. However, as Liege developed a track record for selfless, if violent, attitude, Clyde began to place increasing faith in his surrogate son. By the events in Carmen, Clyde no longer drew his atonement from Liege, but his purpose.

Randall Clyde

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