Max Adwin

Silent, magical artist


Pre-Team Angst

Sketch was a pretty happy and normal kid, if from a poor household, just with an abnormally developed talent for artistry, and a superb memory. Encouraged by his father, he was placed into an art program at a young age.

At 14 he drew a present for his father: his father as a ninja. Emotionally charged because of his encounters with his girlfriend not long beforehand, and perhaps because of a random fluke, the drawing came to life. Both Sketch and the ninja were dazed for a moment, and then the ninja drew its sword and slashed Sketch’s throat. If not for the quick actions of his father, Sketch would have died there and then.

But he lived, and after major surgery, and a donation from Max Liege’s school, Sketch had his life back, but with a massive scar and no voice.

When he reached his new school, his looks were androgynous enough, and a confusing jumble in the paperwork meant that he started living in the girl’s dorm. Most people were too uncomfortable about the matter to say anything, except for Svetlana, who took every opportunity to ask him about it in the crassest way possible. Sketch deflected, and his gender went unknown for most of the time spent at the school.

Team Angst

Two years at the school, and Sketch is soundly in the “freak” category, and feeling fairly alone. Though he did prove his penchant for mischief in small ways. He grew a fast friendship with Tori, Helena, Miki, and the others that shared his lot, and went on several adventures, including the scariest haunted house ever and seeing Max Liege come back from the dead. It was Max Liege that gave him his voice back, by giving him a voice synthesizing choker, as well as a holographic image projector to help him create more complex designs with his art. His friendship with Tori quickly blossomed into romance, and was cemented when Sketch finally told Tori that yes, he was in fact a man.

Red Tide

Sketch was about to turn 18 when the Red Tide broke, and spent much of his time creating food, rations, equipment, and other neccessities for the soldiers and refugees that were running from the Red Tide. Though incredibly worried about Tori, he was kept in Patriot City for the most part to deal with events from behind the lines. He was however, able to participate in the missions against Sher Kahn, one of the highest ranked members of the Red Tide.

It was at this time that he met Wild Card, a deceased superhero from before his time. Wild Card seemed impressed by his creative ability, but his calling it magic confused him. Sketch up until this point had assumed that his powers were mostly mutant in origin. Where had this power come from if that wasn’t the case?

Max Adwin

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