Harper Willis

The Golden Child, formerly forced lackey. Now a politician.


Harper was a science nerd in High School. But he was working with his mentor and friend, Doctor Morben to change his physique (short stature, with limited muscle) to something more athletic. The Doctor was working on a treatment to stimulate rapid growth that could be controlled and programmed.

Well, he sorta got that. Harper ended up no taller, but he got a whole lot stronger: he had the ability to change his body density at will, and now had the look and feel of living bronze. The treatment also came with an unfortunate side effect: the subject’s “fight or flight” instinct was uncontrollable, and caused Harper to ramp up to his maximum density and try to run away.

The Doctor managed to bring him down using cold to slow his heart-rate enough that his adrenaline levels dropped and he returned to a normal density, and was then promptly knocked out while the doctor performed impromptu surgery to install two new pieces of hardware: a remote-controlled pace-maker to keep his heart-rate in line. And a chip in his head that could detonate, and would monitor his location and actions at all times. Morben now had a soldier that could not refuse his orders.

So Harper started robbing banks for his former mentor and current slavedriver. Morben went underground. Harper became a villain against his will.

Until he got picked up by the Specters during a failed robbery attempt in Patriot City. He was taken as a hostage and kept on ice until Max Liege could deal with him, and after some interrogations that Tank could not answer without Morben killing him, and then some torture that still couldn’t get him to talk, they managed to remove and replace the chip with one that only Tank could control, giving him back his free will.

So Tank became the reluctant face of Specter for a time, the victim of Morben’s terrible crimes and proof of his evil.

After the debacle in Patriot City, Tank went west, and became a politician of sorts, using his fame as a former villain, and former hero, he got some following, and even had a run at the House of Representatives, losing by a very narrow margin.

Some time later, Max approached him again with a mission: to stop the Mutant Corps, which was essentially a suicide squad of poorly trained super-powered teens. In the battle, Tank was one of the few people to witness the return of Wildcard in Oklahoma city.

He is now a some-times ally of Max Liege, considering him a friend, and though they may disagree on methods, Tank tends to fall into the supporters.

Harper Willis

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