Carmen City

Regional History

The new city constructed over the ruins of San Diego. Carmen city became the flash point for a conflict on the scale that had not been seen since the Civil wars fifty years before. The city housed the headquarters for Lucient Corporation. Unlike in the East, the Lucient controlled West Coast held little organization or stucture for the heroes of the city. A score of well intentioned meta humans made vain efforts to improve the city. Zevi Tzila was a shapeshifting vigilante who defended a neighborhood that would becomae known as Wolf Town. The tempestuous Jove watched over a street people began to call Thunder Boulevard. Fade never developed a reputation, instead tracking specific targets across the city in her surgical style campaign. None of Carmen’s heroes realized the shadow looming over their city.

Rise of One Mind

Far from dead, the great power from the mutant human war began to rear his head once again. Observing the signs that the largely defunct and ineffective government failed to, the irrepressibly irritating Skyler took it upon himself to pres gang local talent into a team capable of combating the threat. His initial roster included

  1. Fade
  2. Jason Jove
  3. Zevi Tzila
  4. Frank
  5. Bertok

Skyler furnished his team with an underground base, ideally suited to their needs. Unfortunately, the team proved difficult to control, and Skyler proved inexpert at imposing his authority on civilian contractors. Events transpired to push the team toward their goal, however. Fades untimely hospitalization, a siege on Ravenhearst, and a dozen minor, intervening battles all dragged the heroes toward what was coming. They were soon plunged into the ruins beneath Carmen, hurtling toward a confrontation with One Mind.

For some bizarre reason One Mind chose to house himself in a giant robot. The robot was largely overwhelmed by the intervention of CHAD, a silly alien that no one particularly liked. The disembodied brain of One Mind dispatched the team with the exception of Frank, who burned through the rest of his time on Earth destroying One Mind.

In the wake of One Mind’s defeat, martial law was enforced throughout the city. At the guidance of General Vice, the streets suffered a crackdown such that they had never seen before. Jason Jove raged at the oppression, and regularly launched guerrilla raids against innocent soldiers a violent abusers a like. Jove finally teamed with Abigail Skyler while the rest of the team lead an unrelated raid againts Lucient corp.

Kaden Phromer grew tired of the constant strain and minimal success the team had experienced

Carmen City

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