Marcus Vigil Institute

The Marcus Vigil Institute for Higher Learning, founded after its namesake, Marcus Vigil, seemingly gave his life to end the war that had torn the world in two for so long. The school was shut down after the Battle for Oklahoma City some 25 years following its founding, and then ransacked and destroyed during the Red Tide 4 years after that. This school was built on the grounds of the old, except for the cornerstones of the buildings, which were recovered from the wreckage.

Funded through mostly state funds, the school is the first of its kind: actively teaching SuperMortals alongside average students. The self-evaluation part of the accreditation process began during the Spring semester of the school’s second year, and was completed at the end of that semester. The outside evaluation process was finalized at the end of the Fall semester of the school’s third year, and is already drawing in world renowned educators, academics, and top-tier students from all walks of life.

In an effort to bring people together, the school offers classes geared specifically towards the changing world, such as ‘Ethics in the age of Powers’, ‘Applied Arcane Theory’, as well as classes on more mundane topics.

The campus is small, but there are currently plans to purchase more buildings off the main campus for use as additional dormitories and class space.

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Marcus Vigil Institute

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