Newspaper updates between sessions

Patriot City Gazette (6/15/09)

On Sunday, the edge of the financial district was in disarray when a man, seemingly made of metal, burst through the walls of the branch office for Patriot Banking. While the man’s intentions were unclear, surveillance footage show him walking towards the vault. He was stopped when several units of Mercanary soldiers opened fire on him. The man, who has not been identified, was rushed to the main branch of Patriot Medical but died en route. A second man who entered the building immediately after the initial breach was seen flying away on his own power from the scene of the crime. He has not been identified or detained, and the investigation is ongoing.

Several eye-witnesses claim that a dragon was seen on the roof of the building, and that the creature burst through to the first floor, and after being shot, took to the air. Multiple sightings of the beast have been called in to police headquarters. One bystander who was interviewed claimed that the attack was clearly carried out by alien invaders.

Maxwell Liege was spotted at the scene, but the trillionaire philanthropist but the only comment released has stated: “Like all people who were there, I am shocked and dismayed by the actions of the would-be robbers. I pledge my full support to the City of Patriot in their efforts to contain the creature that now threatens our people, and to the police in their efforts to catch the other suspect.”

-Excerpt from the Patriot City Gazette (A subsidiary of Liege Media Inc.)

After the initial confrontation, the Tank was taken into Maxwell’s personal custody, where he learned that Harper could not tell him where his orders were coming from, or who directly was giving them. Even under torture, he did not give up this information. The fly-boy disappeared into the crowd at a gay-pride festival in P-town, and though the forces at be tried to track him down using a DNA sampled from the scene of the crime, they were unsuccessful.

However, some cursory research by two new members of Max’s team: the fencing master Corcea and the elemental master of water, Meiling, they were able to discover that the Tank was in fact Harper Willis, who had been listed as a missing person six years preciously after he and his mentor, Doctor Raymond Moben dropped off the face of the planet following an accident at Morben’s lab. Further efforts to track Morben down proved fruitless. But a signal that was being transmitted to Harper was traced to a computer in Antartica. Then Indian. Then Canada, Then England. Then China. And finally the trail ended at Mexico City.

During this time, while the signal was being tracked, Dr. Alfred Mandark was researching a way to remove the small explosive chip in Harper’s head that made it impossible for him to give information without Harper dying.

ANNNNND that’s about where we ended it. plus or minus some details.

Rumor Central: Liege has gotten himself a new sex-slave. A guy this time. And his entire purpose is to fulfill some of Max Liege’s more kinky desires: Torture, bondage, the works. Rumor says that he’s being kept at the bottom of the ocean, reachable only by a hidden elevator under the city.

Fly-Boy Charged!
In new developments, the renegade mutant pedophile Jeremy Briar, identified by many witnesses as “Fly-Boy,” Is being formally charged with the destruction of the Patriot City Water Treatment Facility, as well as the destruction of the 3rd Avenue Theater, as well as taking hostages there beforehand. The District Attorney had this to say:

“Mr. Briar is either very cocky or very stupid. The mountain of evidence against him is staggering. If he were to come forward today, he might be out of prison in 30 years.”

It’s a… horse…
News crews were astonished yesterday when an unidentified police officer from England climbed on top of a mechanical horse and started directing traffic in front of the 3rd Avenue Theater. This act of selfless bravery helped to keep motorists calm while the building was rocked by explosions and then collapsed, causing massive damage to the structural integrity of much of the Theater District. Mayor Obarack has closed that district of the city for the next three weeks to carry out repairs on the structural support.

Politics as usual:
Several members of the Cape Cod senate are drafting a new bill to restrict the rights of Metahuman citizens in the state of Cape Cod. The reasoning behind this move is the massive destruction by “Tank” a month ago, and the new attacks by Jeremy Briar this month.
-Excerpts from Patriot City Gazette, a Subsidiary of Liege Media.

In game knowledge: Tank has escaped from his holding cell. He isn’t just able to go UP in density, he can also go DOWN, and gain the ability to walk through walls. Given his lack of a need for oxygen or food, he just sort of floated up and out.

The real attackers on the theater have all been approached by Liege with the possibility of employment. Dewitt’s character has agreed, and currently works to make terrorist attacks on Liege’s holdings (with his permission) to help train his operatives). Amber’s character declined. And Kim’s character is hard to find, since no one really knows she was a hostage taker.

Sean’s character, though quite good at infiltration, got there a tad late, but did help stop a thug.

The mime is hilarious. ’nough said I think.

Jeremy Briar is currently in Liege’s custody, waiting for the moment that Liege can best use his being handed over to the police.


Red’s Bar and Grill Demolished: Today, in a remarkably unusual turn of events, Red’s Bar and Grill, in the Western Slum area of the city, was demolished today in a presumed meta-human assault. Red’s, a known hot-spot of anti-mutant and metahuman activity was destroyed when the dragon that has been flying around our fair city pursued a man described only as “shiny” by the sole witness: A six year old child who had been hiding on the dock. This same child, who’s name has been withheld by police also told the police that he spotted a large shootout. This information was confirmed by the evidence found at the scene: Ballistics rounds, grenade shrapnel, and several illegal handguns.

Police Crackdown on Weapons: After the attack on Red’s Bar and Grill, Patriot City Police and the Mayor’s office have both released statements stating their stance:

“Patriot City is dedicated to keeping it’s citizens safe. In light of recent events: the attack on the theater, and the attack on Red’s Bar and Grill, it is increasingly obvious that we have lax in our vigilance, and will redouble our efforts to get illegal weapons off the streets.”

Patriot Police will be joining with Sword/Board to start cracking down on gun violence as it occurs in our city.

-Excerpts from Patriot City Gazette

And in unpublished news:

Tank: Status: Found. Yasu, Meiling, and Dr. Mandark have all convinced him to cooperate with Liege to help find Morben. Currently in residence at a nice Hotel on Center Island.

Jeremy “Fly Boy” Briar: Status: In custody. After a lot of “Coercion” courtesy of Yasu, he has been convinced to be cooperative. Just been given a room with a cot. This is a huge upgrade from being pinned to a wall upside-down.

Jeffery “Red” Scarletti: Status: In custody. Currently being “convinced” by Yasu to cooperate. He’s proving… difficult.

Dr. Raymond Morben: Status: Unknown. Presumed in Mexico. Mandark is after him atm.

Dragon: Status: Captured, Stable, but near death.

Alright… so for not having done ANY preparation, I think this went really well.

Except for the fight with the Red Buzers. That was hell. Long. Drawn out… and just… bad.

New Face of Spectre: Spectre, the enigmatic group of heroes funded by a mysterious source have new leadership in the form of well-known hotel owner and philanthropist (Insert the name of Steve Syria’s Character here). And with him, in his first public appearance since his supposed death last month is Tank, the perpetrator of a bank robbery and formerly a wanted felon. Tank offered a public apology, as well as promises of his reform.

Trouble in Mexico: The trouble that has plagued Patriot City the past few weeks seems to have flown south for now. Though Patriot has been quiet, in Mexico City, a wide broadcast directed at Dr. Morben (whoever that is) was seen projected on every screen, radio, and other electronic media in the city. The hacker has not since been identified, neither has the person seen in the broadcast. A secondary broadcast directed at someone named Paco was later seen, but the man being addressed has not come forward to identify himself.

Mechanical information: Dr. Mandark was kidnapped in Mexico by Doctor Raymond Morben. After a little bit of gloating and ego bruising, Mandark was finally released after a city-wide manhunt throughout Mexico City.

Tank and Fly-Boy have been recruited to Specter, Tank is currently one of the more public faces of the organization, and Liege is currently making the charges on Fly-Boy for the destruction of the water treatment plant disappear, and works as a forceful means of gathering intelligence.

Fly-Boy at the end of the session was travelling to Ohio for Psychiatric evaluation after absorbing too many memories in quick succession, he was starting to lose himself in their personalities.

Paco had a chip in his head like Tank initially did, which detonated after Morben dissapeared again. Morben is supposedly in Patriot City. Liege however is now in Mexico City. Yasu will be posing as Liege in brief appearances for the time being.

Patriot City Gazette, Issue 5

City Bridge saved!: The City bridge was saved yesterday when members of Specter flew in on and protected civilians from a vehicle accident and an attack by ninjas. Reports stemming in say that while the main faces of specter, Tank, Blackjack, and Fly-Boy were not in attendance, other members were there and admirably protected the citizens of Cape Cod. Witnesses say that two female members, both of whom with healing powers started stabilizing victims of the mass accident on the inbound side of the bridge, while the more offensive members started fighting their adversaries. A man who is quickly becoming known to people as “Magical Hat” helped facilitates his side of the fight by coating the area with what appeared to be regular backing flour which appeared out of nowhere. This covered their enemies, who were invisible to the naked eye at the time, and made it impossible for them to hide. Though many of these enemies were unfortuantely lost in the fight, one of them was seen running from the scene of the crime, pursued by a person presumed to be a samurai of some kind wielding the ability to manipulate the earth, if media footage is to be trusted.

Mass Plumbing Problems Plague City: Over the course of several days, multiple instances of fire-alarm malfunctions have occured throughout the city. Though there has been no discernable cause, emergency sprinkler systems across Patriot have been going off, soaking property and personnel equally and causing massive amounts of damage to electronic equipment. So far, these instances have been contained to buildings which have a maximum occupancy of over 150 people, which are the larger office buildings as well as many of the apartment buildings in the Affordable Housing districts of the city. Police, fire departments, as well as independant contractors are all working together to try and solve this problem. For now, citizens are advised to keep their valuables covered in a plastic sheet when possible, especially if they live or work in at-risk buildings.

Mechanical information:

NINJAS! Attacked the bridge in order to lure Yasu out into the open, and then Shinji (her little brother) had a small talk with her. After being offered a position to join the Specter team, Shinji has refused and is currently in hiding somewhere rather than return home to his family to be killed by his own father for his failure.

Morben has been sitting quiet for a while since going back to Patriot City. We think anyway.

Mike’s Sonar system to tap into the city is almost ready for city-wide test. As soon as they can figure out how to make it able to be portable.

Subs and things have started circling Patriot’s waters, looking for signs of trouble.

New characters who joined today: Isadora: the dancing, animal training whore (and I mean that in the nicest way possible…) who’s job it is to train the dragon.

Mirror: the steal-super power mutant with red skin, used as an experiment in on of Liege’s lab. He’s more than a little psycho…

Newspaper updates between sessions

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