Patriot City

Home town of both Max Liege and Black Jack. The towns fate over the last twenty years as mirrored the dichotomy between the two, slanting heavily toward Liege during his active periods and towards Black Jack in his absence. The city was the center stage for the conflict between Liege and Dr. Morben, and suffered an earth shattering chemical attack at the climax of their confrontation.

The city became the base of operations for Liege’s Specters. The team was Liege’s best hope for a brighter future, but was poisoned from the beginning by Liege’s need to control and manipulate it’s members. The team based out of Specter Tower in down town Patriot

The survivors of the attack were dosed with tranquilizers to prevent further outburts. It proved a short sighted solution, and addiction rates in town sky rocketed as a direct result.

Newspaper updates between sessions

Patriot City

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