Cosmology and 'Science'

The “Science” behind super heros

The overall reasoning behind the existence of the ‘Super Mortal’ mutants and other metahumans is that there is a cosmic energy floating around the universe, and it collects all around us. On worlds where there is a high concentration of this energy in a limited number of individuals, they may be as powerful as gods to the normal inhabitants, while on our world, where there is a more diluted concentration, there are more people with abilities, but they are not necessarily god-like in their powers.

Tarot Card Figures

There are also cosmic entities that embody certain facets of the forces that cause the motion of the universe, and they act often as its guardians and enforcers. On earth, these beings are the entities represented on the Tarot cards.

Known Tarot Card Figures:

Other Cosmic Figures

Jove Family’s mother: while not incredibly powerful on her own, serves as a focal point for the cosmic energies that enhance normal people, which is why all of her children are so powerful.

The Jove Family are all cosmic in their origins, and Kaden Phromer also is Cosmic on her Father’s side.

Al’Dek of Many Things:

Places in the Cosmos:

During the events of Oklahoma U, Maximilian Liege began a project cataloging the neighboring dimensions. He has assigned the following code names to dimensions currently unearthed.


Cosmology and 'Science'

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