The Tarot historically are a deck of 72 cards, split into two sets called the Major and Minor Arcana respectively, and have been used to fortell one’s future, recall one’s past, or other various fortune

00 The Fool: Magical Hat. The Fool represents the force of chaos and change, the Journey Begun, and a willingness to learn. This position is the most common to change, and is generally the first stop for any being that is chosen into the High Arcana. Formerly Wildcard.

I The Magician: Wild Card. The Magician represents potential and the application of power, as well as teaching and guiding others.

II The High Priestess: The Keeper. A mysterious female figure of unknown origin, she listens to stories from other extraordinary beings as her form of sustenance. She represents Wisdom, Common Sense, Intuition, and Secrets.

III The Empress: A heretic on her own world, the Empress is a symbiotic being with an almost slug-like appearance in her natural form. Her world is fraught with war between an invading force of humanoids, and her home species. She is the leader of a sect that stresses peaceful co-habitation with her host, instead of full and forceful control as is the norm for her species. She represents Fertility, Health, Beauty, Comfort, and Sensuality.

IV The Emperor: On his planet, he is the King of a pantheon of Gods, where the cosmic energy has coalesced in only the chosen few. He is rigid in his control. He represents Authority, Discipline, Control, Command, Tradition, Leadership, and Rigidity.

V The Hierophant: An leader of men in his own right, the Hierophant is from a planet where everyone is well educated, but where specific, dangerous information is kept tightly guarded, and he is that guard. He represents Education, Knowledge, Conservatism, Maturity, and Duality.

VI The Lovers: A pair of Earth-Born twins who are empathically connected. They together represent Relationships, Choice, Bonding, Affinity and Connection.

VII The Chariot: A Warlord among brutes, this being hails from a brutal dimension where cybernetic enhancement is common, encouraged, and often self-inflicted. He is a leader of a race of deceptively intelligent savages that place martial prowess and exploits above all else. He represents Conquest, Victory, Egocentrism, Self-Assertion, Bravery and Impulse.

VIII Justice: A member of an almost extinct race, cut off from most of the rest of the multiverse. Due to their isolation, they have strongly emphasized logical thinking and distant, cold reason. He tends to keep to himself, and represents impartiality, insensitivity, realism, logic, and reason.

IX The Hermit: Unusual among a group of unusual beings, the Hermit is itself a pocket dimension, that those who can find seek for advice and council. No two people can agree on the form that the Hermit takes, because to each person that crosses their dimensional threshold, the Hermit takes on a form that the entrant would want to see, or in some cases, needs to see. The Hermit represents Introspection, Guidance, Deep Understanding, Isolation, and Philosophical attitude.

X The Wheel of Fortune: A genie from an unknown realm, he delights in making deals with people: they perform a task that will most likely not be something they’re comfortable with, but in return, they get what they were asking for. He represents Opportunities, fate, destiny, surprises, sudden events, sudden changes, and dissension.

XI Strength:

XII The Hanged Man

XIII Death

XIV Temperance

XV The Devil

XVI The Tower

XVII The Star

XVIII The Moon

XIX The Sun

XX Judgement Gabriel. One of the heroes of the Mutant Wars, Gabriel represents the force and maintenance of balance. Formerly, he was Temperance during the Civil War

XXI The World

XIV Temperance:


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